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Filled With His Spirit – The Nelson Family

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Filled With His Spirit – The Nelson Family

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PlayA1 - Filled With His Spirit
PlayA2 - He’ll Work It Out
PlayA3 - Thank You Lord
PlayA4 - Have Your Way
PlayB1 - Come On Everybody
PlayB2 - Everlasting Love
PlayB3 - Praise The Lord
PlayB4 - The Difference

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Official rerelease of The Nelson Familys Gospel LP from Essential for any serious collectors of Gospel Quality from endtoend including the cuts Thank You Lord firm favorite of Floating Points and Skymark Filled With His Spirit and Everlasting Lovebr br iDJ support fromibr MCDE Hunee Antal Theo Parrish Sadar Bahar Floating Points Mark Grusane Skymark Ill Dubio Red Greg

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A1 – Filled With His Spirit, A2 – He’ll Work It Out, A3 – Thank You Lord, A4 – Have Your Way, B1 – Come On Everybody, B2 – Everlasting Love, B3 – Praise The Lord, B4 – The Difference

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