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Inspiration Information / Ah Uh Mi Hed – Shuggie Otis

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Inspiration Information / Ah Uh Mi Hed – Shuggie Otis

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Two luscious soulfolkpsychedelic funk crossover jams from LA born Shuggie Otis on Epic reissued and remastered years after their first release br br Shuggies trademark soulladen tones marry with dusty organs and strutting funk guitars to give two blissful slices of s gold A collectable Inch remastered reissued and finally available at a respectful pricebr br Large dinked centre holebr br br Press br br a hrefhttplevisiteuronlinecommusicrecordstoredayukprimesouldiscofunkhousewonderlandLe Visiteur RSD Top Picksabr br a hrefhttpsbanbantontoncomrecordstoredaysoulBan Ban Ton Ton RSD Top Soul Picksabr br a hrefhttpswwwntsliveshowsthedoyoubreakfastshowepisodesthedoyoubreakfastshowndaprilCharlie Bones NTS Breakfast Show Radio Playa

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A1 – Inspiration Information, B1 – Ah Uh Mi Hed

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