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Lovin – Sunstreet

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Lovin – Sunstreet

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Band looks for brighter days as Sunstreet was the headline from a Delaware newspaper archive that finally helped RainampShine connect the dots and between Minnesota band Haze and Sunstreet Lovin was recorded while the band a subset of original Haze members including the tight horns section and lead singer Sonny Knight RIP were signed to Bear Records in Delaware br br Their contract required them to shelve their already recorded and incredible nd album Haze album years later officially licensed remastered and cut RPM RainampShine give Sunstreets Lovin another lease of lifebr br Lovin was included on Paul Phillips Under The Influence compilation on Z records alongside being a favourite of Waxist br

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A1 – Lovin (6:18), B1 – Lovin (4:07)

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