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Sinisa Tamamovic – Valentina / Confused

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Sinisa Tamamovic – Valentina / Confused

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Anyone familiar with the music of Sinisa Tamamovic knows the man is an expert in techno floor fillers….

The tracks here are no exception; Valentina and Confused reside in the world of bold, unrelenting grooves constructed with little more than bass and drums: and they get the job done.

The bass lines are distinctly Sinisa; simple, catchy, and mixed exquisitely, they take on a whole new attitude when played on club systems.

Valentina starts things strong, its driving rhythm gains energy as atmospheres develop and an worldly vocal enters, a Latin American street rhyme that gives the track some international flare.

Confused is more raw, employing rough drums and ethereal sound effects. Either one will do the trick for peak hours and late nights, and expect to hear these all over the place at WMC 2016.

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A1 – Valentina, B1 – Confused

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