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True Image LP – Steve Elliott

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True Image LP – Steve Elliott

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PlayA1 - Skitz-O-Love
PlayA2 - Never Say You're Sorry
PlayA3 - One More Time
PlayA4 - Just Us Two
PlayB1 - We Were Meant To Be
PlayB2 - Believe In Me
PlayB3 - Exist
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br RainampShine proudly present Steve Elliotts first album True Image After failing to find musicians with the same direction and devotion to music he had acquired Steve taught himself to play eleven different instruments and move from hometown of Pasadena California to Denver Colorado br br Eager to express his musical ability Steve became a DJ on KDKO radio and would then go on to compose arrange and perform True Image on September th with a collection of drum machines synthesizers and contributing musicians on rhodes flute guitar and vocals br br Mr Elliotts philosophy is You hold in your hand a dream a dream come true by a man whose only objective was to express the love he contains the love we all contain within through music br br On many collectors want lists passing for a median price of online br

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A1 – Skitz-O-Love, A2 – Never Say You're Sorry, A3 – One More Time, A4 – Just Us Two, B1 – We Were Meant To Be, B2 – Believe In Me, B3 – Exist, B4 – Memory

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