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Various Artists – First Class EP

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Various Artists – First Class EP

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PlayA1 - Folamour - Oneness
PlayA2 - Ethyene - Watchin’ U
PlayB1 - Ari Bald - First Class
PlayB2 - Dorsi Plantar - Boogie Sunrise

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Washington based Better Listen Records drop their first VA e.p. housing four disco influenced dancefloor workouts bringing a slice of sunshine to our shores.

Folamour kicks things off with an uptempo disco stomper, complete with driving bass, infectious string hooks and energetic piano stabs. The A2 sees Ethyene slows things down combining choice vocal snippets, shuffling rhythms and sleezy synthwork to create a sunset groove ready made for the summer.

On the flip Ari Bald draws on all the elements from a classic disco anthem, with brass stabs, slap bass and an uplifting guitar riff driving things forward, before Dorsi Plantar closes things out with a blissful boogie simmerdown perfect for any sunrise set.

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A1 – Folamour – Oneness, A2 – Ethyene – Watchin’ U, B1 – Ari Bald – First Class, B2 – Dorsi Plantar – Boogie Sunrise

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