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No#1 Dance Music Vinyl Subscription Service. A comprehensive library ir records for all electronic music lovers. Pay your subscription every month and credits are deposited into your account and you get the pick of the hottest, newest wax out there.

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The starter

20 credits deposited into your account

Sale price £20 (normal price, £25) per month

Great for the intermediate collector, you have loved dance music for a while and have a collection 20+ records and want to up the anti. By the end of the year, you’ll have close to 50 records. Time to get some Technics 1210s?

Sounds good, sign me up!

Serious Selector

30 credits deposited into your account
Sale price £28 (normal price, £35) per month

Your already a serious selector. You can never walk past a record shop, half of your conversations are around music. You either like to DJ in and out of the house and most of your friends are connected to the scene or you have your own turntable and say the only way to listen to music is on record.

Oh yes, hook me up!

Expert level

50 credits deposited into your account
Sale price £46 (normal price, £55) per month

Records are spilling from your spare room, bedroom, kitchen and studio. You have a thirst for all things new music and have an encyclopaedic memory of dance music from the 80s to the present. . The sound of the knock, knock on the door from the postman fills you with glee.

You are expert level..

I want some of that!

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