The releases opening track Vibrancy is the clearest example of UMEKs signature combination of a tougher techno sound with more emotive melodic elements this time with a pounding kickdrum making way for a grooveladen breakdown halfway through Message is the perfect combination of Marks streamlined style and UMEKs compelling melody Opening with a thundering kick drum and dramatic vocals the highpaced groove builds towards the introduction of the lead synth and its twisted euphoria Hard hitting and full of character this is a high calibre release that showcases two of technos most influential producers UMEKs track Distinct Operator follows his winning formula blending a thundering kick drum with breathtaking synth lines Adding operatic vocals in the breakdown this unique cut is perhaps the firsttime opera and techno have been merged with such stunning and emotional results Cybernetic Implant closes the release with its ominous bass pads that underpin a euphoric melody to create a compelling dark and light contrast Tough percussion and a hardhitting kick drum provide the ridged foundation thats tried and tested to cause frenzied excitement on the dance floor

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A1 – Vibrancy (Original Mix), A2 – Message (Original Mix), B1 – Distinct Operator (Original Mix), B2 – Umek – Cybernetic Implant (Original Mix)