A-Sides Vol.10 (Vinyl 5 of 5) – Alan Fitzpatrick

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A rare treat for Drumcode faithful ASides Vol is set to drop in early split across five musthave EPs. Fuelled by the extra time and space to be creative during lockdown Drumcodes collective of artists have stepped up Across contributions the producers have gone deeper into their sonic repertoire crafting powerful yet reflective works that capture the range of the labels sound The fifth and final part of ASides Vol opens with Alan Fitzpatrick who brings a momentous slab of techno energy via Rochus before Reset Robot offers up Distant a modulated melding of synthesis and hammering kicks On the B side theres a double dose of debuts Firstly Patrik Berg who hits with Activated a fullbodied techno bomb that drops down into funky rhythms followed up by buzzy newcomer Lilly Palmer giving us Amnesie a brilliantly pummelling and eerie cutbr

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https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/DC235.5/promos/clips/DC235.5_A_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/DC235.5/promos/clips/DC235.5_A_2.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/DC235.5/promos/clips/DC235.5_B_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/DC235.5/promos/clips/DC235.5_B_2.mp3


A1 – Rochus, A2 – Distant, B1 – Activated, B2 – Amnesie