Brothers Black return to their self-titled label with an original EP complimented by a powerful remix by Mote-Evolver affiliate Jeff Rushin.

House of Lies kicks off the A-side, a peak-time, big room weapon featuring a vocal and a trippy bells lead.

Deviant follows, an energetic tool with a spacey lead and low-end dominated groove. On the B-side are both the original and Jeff Rushins remix of Preacher.

The original is a tension building trip, focused around a looping melody surrounded by evolving soundscapes and synths.

Jeff Rushins interpretation of Preacher is a hypnotic tool, combining the spaciness of the original with driving percussion.

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A1 – House of Lies, A2 – Deviant, B1 – Preacher, B2 – Preacher (Jeff Rushin Remix)