Clavi On The Rocks EP – Sound Support

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Doing everything they can to pull you out of that groundhog day slump House of Disco draft in Sound Support a new project from Dam Swindles Lars Dales and longtime collaborator Lorenz Rhode to work their wondersClavi On The Rocks is all about the keys From the emotive chords to the goosebumpgiving basslines and Stevieinspace clavinet mastery its an electroboogie whirlwind sure to give a hyperboost to any misfiring start to the yearNext up Thesaurus Sex is some serious scifi through your hifi melding punchy bass synths with funkedout stabs soaring synthwork and a roamingrobo voxPiloting over to the B side Super Elevation hits with modulating acidic arps hardhitting bass rumbles and galactic melodies before taking you into another dimension with the kind of eyes closed classic pianos that will reignite the optimism in any wavering heartClosing it out Enduro has Sound Support laying vintage loops under buzzedout basslines and that surefire clav goodness overdriven into the high heavens Add in a healthy dose of echoing keys fizzing toplines and space echo claps and its closer of epic proportions


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A1 – Clavi On The Rocks, A2 – Thesaurus Rex, B1 – Super Elevation, B2 – Enduro

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