Hector Plimmer – Sunshine Remix Album Sampler
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Hector Plimmer – Sunshine Remix Album Sampler

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A quartet of heavy reworks. Reginald Omas Mamode IV truly does what he does best, bringing a percussive, low-slung funk to one of the most ethereal and beautiful pieces of soul on the album, Sunshine.

Glenn Astro, elevates Bossa B to a jostling, bouncing shuffler that eventually turns around and heads skyward with uplifting chords and irresistible bass.

Deoke heads into the darker regions of the original for his hugely loved remix of Bossa B.

The bass on this one is ridiculous and has caused damage to a couple of sound systems we’re aware of (genuinely).

Finally the ever exceptional Mr Beatnick simply took the stereo track for Kalimba 2 and edited it into a mind-opening dub. Handling bass and harmonics as only he can, a true highlight of this high quality remix package.

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https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/ALBF1202/promos/clips/ALBF1202_A_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/ALBF1202/promos/clips/ALBF1202_A_2.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/ALBF1202/promos/clips/ALBF1202_B_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/ALBF1202/promos/clips/ALBF1202_B_2.mp3


A1 – Sunshine (Reginald Omas Mamode IV Remix), A2 – Bossa B (Glenn Astro Remix), B1 – Bossa B (Deoke Remix), B2 – Kalimba 2 (Mr. Beatnick Remix)