Hybridism Remixes – Nicola Cruz

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The sonic melting pot of Nicola Cruzs Hybridism reinterpreted by John Talabot Auntie Flo Azu Tiwaline and the host label team of Multi CultiLeading things off the Hivern records boss is a dream pairing for Nicola delivering a deeply atmospheric but powerfully rhythmic club version of Naeku Rising Tunisian producer Azu Tiwaline dives into the cavernous soundscapes of Third Eye Dub her North African influence a natural fit for the mesmerising Oud solo played by Nasiri Highlife founder Auntie Flo stretches the eminently catchy and cheerful Aima across a light and ethereal groove Perfectly antidepressant vibe from the creator and curator behind the brand new Ambient Flo online stationFinally Multi Culti label mates contribute a broken beat microdosed micro dub of Naeku a closedeye wiggler to tickle the pineal glands of the cult heads that consistently look to this globally garnered record label for psychedelic guidance


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A1 – Naeku (John Talabot Remix), A2 – Third Eye Dub (Azu Tiwaline Remix), B1 – Aima (Auntie Flo Remix), B2 – Naeku (Multi Culti Micro Dub)