Lobster Who Is Criminally Insane – Ian Blevins

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Returning to Not An Animal for the first time in years Ian Blevins crashes in with a massive EP that results in some dreamy electronica primed for the dance Lobster Who Is Criminally Insane loads up the A with a track that veers towards the progressive house formula whilst building on the more natural electronic blueprints Its rigorous and deadly as synths build the pressure and detonate with devastating effects Discodromo make their debut with a destructive remix of Lobster Who Is Criminally Insane Stripping the track down and driving it down a more percussive avenue the leads melodies are used to create an immense breakdown with epic results Air Penguin carries on the same vibe as a refined midset floor filler with an illustrious canopy of dreamy synths and counter melodies that rattle subs across the globe Chida finishes off the quot with his welcome return to the label with another remix that does the damage Bringing the more offensive elements of the track it takes the atmosphere and runs with it adding some immense tension but remaining focused on the floor To close Lobster Who Is Criminally Insane Beatless Mix serves as the digital bonus showing how a track can be made for the dancefloor without any percussionbr


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A1 – Lobster Who Is Criminally Insane, A2 – Lobster Who Is Criminally Insane, B1 – Air Penguin, B2 – Air Penguin (Chida Remix)