North of the River Trent EP – Various Artists

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The first EP from Nottinghams likeminded music collective Plates Originally established as a record shop and now a record cutting studio and music community this EP showcases sounds close to its core and original supporters A is a track salvaged from a box of longlost cassette tapes dating back to the mids bursting with raw and uplifting grooves a soundtrack to moody city nights in Nottingham Facehugger a longtime friend and supporter of Plates alongside musical partner Mark Warden aka DeviantRIP brings a tearing live analogue jam mashed together on a Roland and JD ave it A offers a completely different take on the typical jungle style Citizen Griot an already prolific local beatmaker better known for his hiphop grooves and collaborations with local rappers brings moody and enchanting jazz club vibes over subtle but constantly moving breakbeats B is the first ever finished track from Plates founder DJ Squid who has spent the last years focusing on DJing and wasting precious time This tune dedicates his love for early s jungle and hardcore with the roots of soul rare groove weird library music and the simplicity of handpicked samples an MPC XL and a dustcovered Mackie mixing desk B brings you back down to earth in a smoky spacedout back room courtesy of longtime crate digger and local hero Mr Wilson Headnodding beats cushioned by a soothing bassline and hypnotic chords that surround you and carry you away to another dimension that is neither new or funky This record is dedicated in memory of Rita Philpotts Pete Woosh Adam XTC and Harry McCormick


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A1 – Addiction, A2 – More Love, B1 – Eudora, B2 – Newfunk3

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