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Praying Mantis – Manic Brothers

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Praying Mantis – Manic Brothers

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The Manic Brothers six track EP begins with Praying Mantis a deep techno offering using a swelling bass line that rumbles under the track whilst the distinctive synth phrase shifts the groove of the track Voices huge hypnotic stabs generate a late night dub that uses sparse percussion and interesting delay effects to mesmerise the crowd Life After Life is a more euphoric and delicate take on techno and uses subtle percussion and melodies to create an ethereal felt track Using a more industrial style of techno Hidden History includes lots of snare rolls and a stab that is infectious whilst rolling over a heavy kick drum Introduction is a long player and takes it time to slowly build synth melodies and stabs that morph into an unbelievable record Morning Mass rounds off the EP using an unusual rhythmic instrument and beautiful synth pads to create a record that leaves you wanting more

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A1 – Praying Mantis, B1 – Life After Life

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