Tam Tam Land – Closet Yi

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Tam Tam Land – Closet Yi

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No Bad Days is back with the weird and wonderful sounds of the Korean tropics for Closet Yis debut release Tam Tam Land Opening with Honeymoon Junction we are greeted by the signature floaty yet punchy sound that often comes with a No Bad Days record but then around the halfway mark an almost abrupt eeriness ambience washes over the track letting us know this isnt going to be quite what you expected Circle Dance is next on the A side which is more of a functional club track in its structure to its predecessor Birds tweet and a female Korean voice creeps in and out of the mix luring us deeper into the depths of the islandHopping over to the B side we arrive at the climax of Tam Tam Land with the thumping Basalt Closet Yi flexes her skills in producing a peak time acidtropischeprogbanger and doesnt disappoint

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A1 – Honeymoon Junction, A2 – Circle Dance, B1 – Basalt