Teddy – Caserta

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Teddy – Caserta

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Special Valentines release this ones for the lovers babyFresh off the sequel to Bobby Caserta and co welcome Teddy to the BB family With another iconic voice spread out on distinct mixes Caserta is a firm believer in the If it aint broke dont fix it approach The A Side takes you under the stars of a rooftop disco on a warm summer night With live bass and triumphant horns this mix is sure to have you feeling right into the wee hours Speaking of the wee hours when that time approaches you can flip her on over to the B Side for the Bassment Dub The repetitive bassline and hard drums are sure to take you right until sun up

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https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/BB45005/promos/clips/BB45005_A_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/BB45005/promos/clips/BB45005_B_1.mp3


A1 – Casertas Rooftop Mix, B1 – Caserta's Basement Dub