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U+00C5 – M

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The consistently innovative Catch Recordings is back with a new EP from Liepzing based producer U+00C5. As always with this label, the music is right from the cutting electronic edge and finds this stylish producer blur the boundaries between ambient, dub and techno in evocative new ways. Cult favourite U+00C5 is focussed on new musical forms, on modern sounds and redefining the European techno sound. He consistently pushes forwards and is a master of the interplay between hypnotic repetition and otherworldly abstractionism, all while drawing on dark ambient and drone. Once again here the producer who also works as methyst is in fine form across all five tracks. Atmospheric opener ‘Blutdruck’ is a deep techno roller that fizzes with a sense of post-industrial dystopia. The shadowy grooves are eventually backlit by subtle chords that bring real warmth and soul. The excellent ‘Empfinden’ is more high tempo but just as cavernous and absorbing thanks to the rolling rubber drums, distant synth drones and sci-fi motifs that add the all important details which keep your head as engaged as your heel. The beautiful ‘Taumel’ is another slice of hypnotic and tunnelling techno embellished with gorgeous ambience from the outer edges of our galaxy. ‘Nichts Ist Wahr’ closes things out with suspensory pads giving you the feeling that you are floating in space before the firmly rooted drums rumble on and take you into the next dimension. This is another fascinating EP of club ready but seriously heady sounds from Catch Recordings. Press: Mixmag Turkey Article DJ Feeback: Laurent Garnier – QUALITY TECHNO — full support 5/5 Adam Beyer – nice hypnotism 4/5 Answer Code Request – Thanks for the music 4/5 AME – Thanks for the music 4/5 Om Unit – this sounds exactly like warp in 1994 to me! which isn’t a bad thing. Call a spade a spade I say 🙂 4/5

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A1 – Blutdruck, A2 – Empfinden, B1 – Taumel, B2 – Nichts Ist Wahr