VV / Toka – Ugly Freedom (Toka Remix)

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VV / Toka – Ugly Freedom (Toka Remix)


Ugly Freedom (Toka Remix)

Sure is Ugly (Cacophony Mix)


You think youve heard anything Strap yourself in and get comfortab? see more description below

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You think youve heard anything Strap yourself in and get comfortable for the journey! Payolas first release is Ugly Freedom (TOKA Remix) a collaboration between two adversaries VEE VV and TOKA. Two specialists in their own right, they have produced something special, something spellbinding, something entirely unique and uncompromising. Still sitting comfortably You shouldnt be! An amalgam, a spark, a blistering fusion of purpose conjoined, sending shards of rhythmic shrapnel into the stratosphere. Pounding sub-bass, seamlessly executed edits of live drums, boiler-bass, searing guitar, soaring keys and vocals featuring a scintillating, lyrical dexterity and skilful phraseology delivered with a poignant authenticity. A totally unapologetic perspective on todays social mores, Sentiment, humanity, have no right to reside in this Betfred economy! Dont take our word for it!


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https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/PAY6/promos/clips/PAY6_A_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/PAY6/promos/clips/PAY6_B_1.mp3


A1 – Ugly Freedom, B1 – Sure is Ugly