Wild Moose Chase – Pete Bones And The Stones Of Convention

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Wild Moose Chase – Pete Bones And The Stones Of Convention

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I Love It When A Band Comes TogetherThe one thing that has kept most artists sane during the pandemic is writing and creatingbr br In an attempt to apply this logic Red Ant Records maestro Pete Bones decided to recruit the talents of a bunch of cool cats he had met whilst traveling the globe and put a band togetherbr br Having often wondered after odd years as a DJProducer how the band would sound had he not been swept up by Acid House in the late s six months later plenty of file bouncing and numerous edits and The Stones Of Convention are ready to wreak havoc with Jeff Ward on electric guitar Jeff Richey on saxophone Pierre Davis on drums Scott Anderson on slide guitar Duncan Gray on bass and electric guitar br Sean Q on acoustic guitar and featuring the effervescent vocals of Laura Clarkebr br Hailing from Galway Orlando Pittsburg St Petersburg Slough San Francisco and Glastonbury respectively band practice might be problematic The album features original tracks full vocal cuts and a cover of the Talking Heads classic Pull Up The Roots

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https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_A_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_A_2.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_A_3.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_A_4.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_B_1.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_B_2.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_B_3.mp3, https://www.casavinyl.com/media/vinyl/RAR165/promos/clips/RAR165_B_4.mp3


A1 – The Mayor of Malt Rave St, A2 – Shoe String Budget, A3 – Living Rough On 6th, A4 – Angel's Hair, B1 – Tsunarmi Surfer, B2 – Chewing The Bark, B3 – Wild Moose Chase, B4 – Pull Up The Roots