A Vision Of Panorama – Sentimental Coast EP
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A Vision Of Panorama – Sentimental Coast EP

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A Vision Of Panorama – Sentimental Coast EP

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What more can be said about Saint Petersburg producer Mikhail Khvasko, a.k.a. A Vision of Panorama that hasnt been said before His Sentimental Coast’ EP continues to cultivate his unique glistening soundscape characterized by a lush jazz-tinged blissful Balearic ambience. The four original tracks here are a range of sun-drenched, unfolding narratives, full of gentle sounds and chords. Smooth and vibe-focused ”Atlantic Dawn” exudes sensuality-tethered vibe that is highly intoxicating. Emblazed with mysterious deep breaths and shimmering sonics that entrances the listener straight away to the whole release. Disarmingly beautiful ”Mediterranean Tribal” is an old school-fare downtempo jam with classic chilled out laid back Mediterranean instrumentation. ”Sentimental Coast” is distinctly deeper and more emotive than his vintage synth-laden sounds and is one of his most fragile and still moments within a superbly arranged delicate piano solo. On ”Vibechos” things get more upbeat and aquatic, featuring beautiful chords and textures that float into the track with a sun-kissed vibe reminiscent of Italian dream house. – DJ Nova (Nova Planet Radio Show, Greece)

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