The Endless Pokers (Adonis) – The Poke
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The Endless Pokers (Adonis) – The Poke

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The Endless Pokers (Adonis) – The Poke

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Adonis’ comically named Endless Pokers project is no joke, in fact, this is some serious Chicago ACID House!

Originally released in 1987 and featuring Adonis’ trademark staccato drum machine rhythms, creeping acid lines and cowbells The Poke is a classic (Watch out for those vocal stabs too!).

All 3 mixes featured on this 12″ bring something new to the table, twisting and turning that acid line into a frenzied buzz.

This is pure old school business, Chicago style! Raw, simple box jams of the highest order! A definite essential, a record like this in the right hands can produce some devastating effects and still sounds incredibly fresh today.

Re-mastered, re-pressed and brought to you in conjunction with DJ International Records.

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